WTC West LA Group 4
WTC West LA Group 4

Experience Trips

After the formal classes conclude in March, you still need to do at least two experience trips to graduate. There are a lot of Sierra Club sponsored trips throughout the spring, summer and fall to choose from, but here are the basic requirements: 

  • Both trips must be overnight backpacks with substantial cross-country travel. At least one must aim for the summit of a mountain.
  • At least one of the trips must be a scheduled Sierra Club trip. The other trip can be a trip of your own. Sierra Club trips sponsored by Angeles Chapter must be rated “I,” “M” or “E” to qualify as an experience trip.
  • A trip that turns back without reaching the summit, due to weather or other safety-related reason, may count as an experience trip provided most of the route was completed and substantial off-trail or class 2 (or above) terrain was encountered.

There will be more information about experience trips toward the end of the class.

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