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WTC West LA Group 4

Experience Trips with Group 4 Leaders

Jan 20, 2024 | Sat

I: Eagle Mountain (5338')

Leaders: Lucas Wiltjer & Bernie Fox

Join us for an 8.6 mile and 2,600ft elevation gain day hike across the desert to the Eagle Mountains with the ultimate destination being the Eagle Mountain high point (5,338). We'll have an early start at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 20, hiking 3 miles among the cholla cactus and Joshua Tree across the desert to the base of the Eagle Mountains. We will then navigate a rocky ascent for the final 1.3 miles to the summit. We'll return along the same route. Please be prepared for hiking off-trail across varied terrain.

March 23–24, 2024 | Sat-Sun
M(R): Dyadic Peak (4362’) and Spectre Peak (4484’)

Leaders: Regge Bulman & Monica Suua

Join us for a post-class climb in the rugged and remote Coxcomb Mountains—it’s like 4377 on steroids…lots of them. Saturday, backpack to camp (5 miles, 1300’ gain). Sunday, climb peaks then back to camp and out to cars (9 miles, 1600’ gain). Dyadic is the priority, Spectre will be done if time allows. Must be comfortable on exposed third-class rock and carry all water for two days. Trip restricted to Sierra Club members—helmet and harness required.

Prior to the trip, you will be required to complete a Medical Form listing allergies, medications and general medical information. At the time of the trip, if you are feeling unwell, please do not participate.

Send email with experience and conditioning to leaders.

March 30-31, 2024 | Sat-Sun
I: Pinto Mountain

Leaders: Michael Gil & Regge Bulman

Come out to explore a less trafficked section of beautiful Joshua Tree National Park where we’ll travel across Pinto Basin to the summit of Pinto Mountain. We’ll set out Saturday afternoon and cross 2.5 miles of open desert to our dry camp where we’ll share a sunset happy hour. Then on Sunday, we’ll get an early start for our main event, climbing a ridgeline to the top of Pinto Mountain where we’ll enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. We’ll descend by an alternate route to complete a loop back to our campsite before packing up and hiking out to the cars. Total stats for the weekend will be approximately 11 miles, and 2500’ of gain. Difficulty: Moderate to Strenuous. 

April 6-7, 2024 | Sat-Sun
I: Quail Mountain

Leaders: Sheri Bonstelle & Keith Henry

This trip on April 6-7, 2024 will include a 2-day overnight backpack summiting both Mt Minerva Hoyt and Quail Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park. We will hike approximately 14 miles, with 2100 ft of elevation gain, which will primarily be off-trail hiking.  This is a moderately strenuous trip at a relaxed pace.  We will be carrying all of our own water, which is approximately 7 liters per person.

On Saturday, April 6, 2024, we will meet at the Key West backcountry registration board, aka the Boy Scout Trailhead, around noon.   There is a parking lot (Adventure Pass required), and additional parking along the side of Park road.  We will sign in, check supplies and brief participants. We will cross Park road to the south and hike off-trail approximately 4.5 miles to set up camp in the NW corner of Lost Horse Valley (near the entrance to Johnny Lang Canyon at the base of the foothills of Quail Mt).  That evening, we will eat dinner, listen to the history of Joshua Tree National Monument and Minerva Hoyt, discuss the plans for the next day, and star gaze.  
On the second day, we will wake at sunrise, pack our tents, and leave our tents and some supplies to retrieve on the return hike.  We will hike off trail a total of 10 miles, including hiking to the peak of Mt. Minerva Hoyt and Quail Mountain, where we will enjoy lunch.  We will then return to the campsite to obtain the tents and supplies, and arrive at the parking lot by 4pm.

May 25-27, 2024 | Sat-Mon
M: Rockhouse Peak (8360’) and Taylor Dome (8802’)

Leaders: Regge Bulman & Monica Suua.

Come spend Memorial Day weekend climbing two SPS peaks and exploring the Domelands Wilderness on a somewhat strenuous, but relaxed-pace, three-day trip. Saturday, meet midday at the trailhead in Big Meadow and backpack to camp in Manter Meadow (4 miles, 300’ gain). Sunday, dayhike to the remote Rockhouse Peak to climb the third-class East Face and then back to camp (8 miles RT, 1300' gain). Monday, hike out with a one-mile detour to climb Taylor Dome, then out to cars (5-6 miles, 2000’ gain). Both peaks involve third-class scrambling so you must be comfortable on exposed terrain. Climbing helmet and medical form are required.

To join, send an email with experience and conditioning to leaders.

July (date TBD), 2024

I: Mt. Pinos Area Nav Pack

Looking for an opportunity to improve your navigation skills? Join us on this WTC experience trip for a cross-country romp to the areas around Mt. Pinos. We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday exploring the area, practicing navigation and taking in a peak. Send email with contact information and recent experience to leader. Leaders: Robert Myers, Regge Bulman, Monica Suua.

Sat–Sun, August 24–25

I: Duck Lake Peak (12,051’)

Join us for two incredible days in the John Muir Wilderness near Mammoth. On Saturday, we will backpack a scenic trail from Lake Mary to set up camp in plenty of time for an afternoon swim or relaxation by Pika Lake (5 miles, 1900’ gain). Sunday we will make an early start to climb nearby Duck Lake Peak, before returning to break camp and packing out (7 miles, 2000’). Simple, beautiful, and moderately strenuous. Priority given to 2024 WTC students. Send email with experience and conditioning to Keith Henry (


TBD, 2024 | Sat-Sun
I: Eagle Mountain

Ldrs: Sonia Sariano

April XX, 2024 | Sat-Sun
Spanish Needle (7841’)

Come hike on the PCT and climb an SPS peak in the Owens Peak Wilderness. Saturday, meet midday and backpack to a dry camp on a saddle with a view (4 miles, 1000’ gain). Sunday, climb Spanish Needle via the North Ridge, then back to camp and out to cars (12 miles, 2900’ gain). Must be comfortable on exposed third-class rock and carry all water for two days. Helmet and harness required.

Send email with experience and conditioning to Ldrs: Regge Bulman & Monica Suua.

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